Saturday, November 14, 2009

trick 'r treat

forgot i hadn't reviewed this one yet!
this was the last of my halloween inspired movie watching, and by far the best way to end it.
i actually got it a few days after halloween, but oh well.

this movie tries to recapture the spirit of creepshow, or the tales from the crypt series, complete with comic book opening.
it also has the most halloween spirit i've seen.

i don't have too much to say, it has four somewhat connected stories, it has all the right horror elements and everyone ends up gettings what is coming to them.

the killer principal, the fucked up little pumpkin kid, sexy chicks, they all make for an awesome night.

i can't imagine watching this movie over and over, but who knows, next halloween it might sound good.
it was a lot of fun and right mix of fucked up horror and campfire stories, i loved it.
also bonus for being the third movie with sexual evil chicks!

three out of five

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