Friday, April 16, 2010

the imaginarium of terry gilliam

so while i missed it the first time it came through, i did manage to see terry gilliam's the imaginarium of doctor parnassus recrently

and it was quite refreshing to see gilliam have free range to show us the what lurks in his mind.
i was disappointed with 2005's the brothers grimm, it's not a bad movie, however the tensions gilliam had with the producers has a noticeable effect, as gilliam has said about it: "it's not the film they wanted and it's not quite the film I wanted."
so to me, the brothers grimm is something enjoyed out of it's potential, it had the means to be great, and while it didn't make it, by no means should it be ignored.

the best scene in the brothers grimm is a rather frightening one of the gingerbread man:

it's got a lot of clever moments as well, "merde! i mean, sheiß!" always makes me laugh.

and granted this isn't gilliam's first film since the brothers grim, he did do tideland, which i absolutely loved.
it's dark, and hard to watch, but it's honestly beautiful.

i enjoyed imaginarium so much because i feel like it was gilliam letting loose, telling a story that was his, the way he wanted it told.
and it's quite bizarre.

the acting is great, by far tom waits best role in a film, heath was great, as were all the actors that picked up after him, it was quite refreshing to see an awkward teen that wasn't michael cera. it also introduced me to the alien beauty that is lily cole.

beautiful, goofy, dark, and i love how little it explains, it was gilliam at his best.

here's hopes for the best with the man who killed don quixote finally happening.