Monday, April 12, 2010

shit just got real

and here we have o, the latest offering from iamamiwhoami

so perhaps this is jonna lee, without the distorted vocals it does sound quite like her.
and oddly enough, as i went to check her twitter today, i discovered it had been deleted.
i'm sticking with the idea that this is just some side project she's involved in, and not an extension of her solo career.
or perhaps this is just a random art project, and not a "real" band at all.

it's going to be interesting hearing the bits and pieces of the old videos revealed in these full songs.
and while i do enjoy this song and b, i do hope the next song is more gripping.
after the suspense and build up of this campaign they really need a song as interesting and odd as the videos.
can't wait for the like hell song myself.
though it is a bit worrisome that most of the industrial sounds seem to be getting sucked out.

i'm guessing there are going to be six songs in all, spelling something out.
bob newhart?

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