Friday, April 9, 2010

tegan, sara, and biff.

tegan and sara, as i've mentioned before, have been one of my favourite bands for the past ten years.
and last night, i was finally in the right place at the right time, to see them live.

it was an amazing show.
they played mostly songs off then con and sainthood (which is an excellent album by the way)
with a few songs from so jealous and if it was you for good measure.
as the night went on, i came to accept that they wouldn't be playing anything off their first few albums.
during the encore however, they caught me completely off guard and played divided.

back when i first heard divided, the album under feet like ours was nearly impossible to get a hold of.
so it became a bit of a musical holy quest of mine.
hearing them play it live was awesome, not like tube socks, the literal full of awe kind.
luckily for all tegan and sara fans, under feet like ours is much easier to get a hold of these days.

the encore itself was amazing enough before that moment though, when they came back onstage it was just tegan and sara, no band.
they played an acoustic version of back in your head with sara on guitar and tegan playing the xylophone. it was neat.

then they finished the night off playing living room.
it couldn't have been closer to perfect.

full setlist:
  • The Ocean
  • On Directing
  • The Cure
  • Alligator
  • You Wouldn’t Like Me
  • I Bet It Stung
  • The Con
  • Nineteen
  • Northshore
  • Night Watch
  • Red Belt
  • Monday Monday Monday
  • Where Does The Good Go
  • Speak Slow
  • Walking With A Ghost
  • So Jealous
  • Hop A Plane
  • Sentimental Tune
  • Hell
  • Back In Your Head
  • Dark Come Soon
  • Divided
  • Call It Off
  • Living Room

like i said, awesome.

tegan and sara are known for their banter, and while there wasn't a ton last night, we did get this great insight into the con:

fun night, great music. i absolutely loved it.
and thanks to last night, i do have to say the ocean is now my favourite off sainthood.
brilliant song.

props to wojo4hitz for capturing last night on video, and mainly music meanderings for compiling the setlist.


Dan said...

Thanks for the link. Readers may also dig some of my photos from the night... some of them came out A-OK. :)

Also, I think "One Second" should have been another song on the official setlist, but have since pitched my notes. Maybe someone on the T&S board(s) will comment.

Anyway, thanks again for the link.


Biff Boulder said...

ah, i didn't even notice.
i do believe that song would be "so jealous" as they very obviously played it, and it seems to be missing from your list. hah.