Saturday, January 7, 2012

biff's favourite songs of '11

Mostly in no particular order.
Ashley's Song by Des Ark

Now this song is a bit different from the rest of her work, but i was still quite psyched when this album came out. After randomly coming across this song, i was instanly reminded of Circa Survive, only with female vocals. So you know, Circa Survive.
this song is so brutal due to it's topic, and the raw emotion that pours into this song is why it's currently my most played. Just dark and amazing.

Que veux-tu by Yelle

Now, i don't speak Fench, but Yelle is nice enough to give us English translations.
And it's easy enough to parse that not only does Yelle write ridiculously catchy pop, they also write clever lyrics that suit the music so. My biggest bummer of the year was discovering this group the week after they played in Portland.

Midnight City by M83

M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming is a fantastic dreamscape of the 1980's. It's cheesy and and endearing, and one of my favourite albums of the year. i never thought they'd top Kim & Jesse, and yet, here we are. Midnight City is my church.

Settle Down by Kimbra

i love this girl's voice and style. Very soulful, retro, and beautiful. i also quite enjoy this video is about little girls playing at being mature, just in case you were inclined to take the song at face value. Nebraska Jones is a pretty cute name though.

Spitting Blood by WU LYF

This song is a wonderful ritual to ancient and forgotten gods. It is the pagan heat lamp our hearts all lack.

A+ Brain by 1994!

That van is a rockin'
rock on van, rock on

Swim Good by Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is one of my favourite artists this year, Nostalgia, Ultra is a great listen. And he's featured on one of Tyler's best songs, and the only tracks worth a damn on Watch the Throne.

Bad As Me by Tom Waits

Mr. Waits continues to be the craziest hobo with the loveliest songs.  Bless his heart.

Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys

Don't care what you say, this is completely applicable to this list. The original Beach Boys Smile is out, and Good Vibrations continues to be the greatest pop song of all time.

City Grrl by CSS

Lovefoxxx :3
i love her attitude, i love the driving synth, this is by far their best song yet.

Sandwitches by Tyler, the Creator, Hodgy Beats, and the Roots

This is the performance that sold me on Tyler, i love the censored lyrics, the zombie girl, the horn, the energy, WOLF GANG.
And the entire thing is capped off perfectly by Mos Def swooping in out of nowhere to repeatedly shout "Swag!"

Mother by Wye Oak

Despite her claims to not be badass, this song is fucking badass, it's one of the greatest covers i've ever heard.

212 by Azealia Banks

Azealia Banks is adorable, has a ridiculously foul mouth, and completely amazing skills. This girl is going to be huge if she keeps this up.
She did pick a twitter fight with Kreayshawn recently though. Don't fight, i <3 you both.

Nightcrawlin' by Royal Canoe

This song is a holy experience, it fills me with awe, the slow build up, the distortions, it's magnificent.

Colours by GROUPLOVE

This song is here on the virtue of it having grown on me, not that there's anything wrong with it, it just seems generic, like every other song on alternative radio sounds exactly like this.
However it includes a few elements that i make it noteworthy.

King Park by La Dispute

It took awhile for La Dispute to grow on me, there was something grating about such small hands the first time i heard it, but eventually i realized i couldn't get it out of my head.
And since mewithoutYou has gone on to became Emmet Otter's Jug Band Jamboree, it's nice to have a hardcore pick up where they left off, odd Christian overtones and all.
Regardless of what you believe "Can I still get into heaven if I kill myself?" is damn haunting.

Rites of Initiation by Circle Takes the Square

That's right, the whole EP, it's really meant to be listened to all at once anyway.
Honestly, new Circles Takes the Square was probably the biggest surprise of 2011, and it's ridiculously good to boot.
The entirety of Decompositions will be mindblowing

Keep My Addresse To Yourself, Cause We Need Secrets by FUCKING WEREWOLF ASSO

i believe this speaks for itself.

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