Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Quentin Tarantino published a list of what he thought of the films in 2011.
He lists Drive under Nice Try.
I can see why he doesn't love it though, it takes inspiration from everything in a way similar to what he does (hell it even takes from Tarantino) but the end product is something very different.
i'm not Tarantino though, so i can say without a doubt that Drive was the best film of 2011 (that i saw anyway!)
Not only that, but i can say it's one of the best films i've ever seen, it's gripping, thrilling, and interesting on so many levels.
And has one of the best uses of a hammer outside of Oldboy.

The trailers do it great injustice, they make it seem like some high-octane car chase action flick, when in reality, there's two car chases that are more about the intensity of the situation than the speed, and the rest is very low key, a lot of things go unspoken, and i appreciate that.
To get a better idea of the tone of film, watch the opening credits:

Lovefoxxx :3

This movie is very much a lovesong to the 80's, the style, the music (including the theme song that spells out the story) characters reminiscing of the 80's, the character archetypes, hell it even turns into an 80's slasher for a bit:
Complete with slow walk and everything!
After seeing this i looked up the director and honestly wasn't surprised to see it was the same director that was behind Valhalla Rising:

The same unspoken quality, same cartoony CGI violence. Really though it just told me i should stop putting off watching Bronson.

i suppose it's impossible not to mention Taxi Driver, as there are striking similarities, but while Taxi Driver is about a man going insane and questionably being viewed as a hero, Drive is about the driver becoming human, and then unquestionably a hero. This cool and calm machine, meets a cute girl and her son, spends a weekend with her, and it changes him, he becomes human "The best time of my life" We see him becoming human in his rage and rash decisions , he's suddenly not so collected anymore. By the end of the film he's elevated to the divine. Valhalla Rising had similar themes, and i'm told Bronson does as well.

If you love film, if you love storytelling, if you love the darker bits of the 80's, i cannot recommend this film enough.

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