Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On earworms.

There are three songs from the 90's that are forever stuck in my head, a line or two from each will always sneak up and lodge itself in.

Laid by James
The less interesting video, but it's uncensored lyrically.

i'm not entirely sure where i first would have heard this song, perhaps the video was 120 minutes one night, my older sister did have the CD so perhaps i randomly came across it going through her music. Regardless i was a bit wowed but how unabashed and without shame this song goes into sexual and romantic issues.  The opening lines have always stuck with me, with the bed being on fire with passionate love. Even though it was never meant in a sexual context, it reminds me of Midnight Oil song, how can you sleep when your bed is burning?
It's understandable why poor James is going crazy.
Also bravo to a song mentioning gender roles and a guy feeling pretty.

Discoball World by David Garza

This song was featured in an issue of the CDROM magainze LAUNCH. (Oh LAUNCH, you introduced me to Cake, Poe, Everclear, and even let me know the Presidents of the United States of America had a second album coming out. <3) If not LAUNCH it might have been some random compilation my sister gave me. i've never been able to find too much of his music, but listening to bits on youtube, it seems like he's comparable to Jeff Buckley, which makes him AOK in my book. He has unique poetry in his lyrics, and i love the deep loss of love in the lyrics of this song: "Everyday I miss the you I used to know" ""I can't forget the day that you forgot me" "I lost God, I found you" And honestly a line i'd never payed much attention to until now "I fell for your coffee eyes, your half-and-half white lies" Clever, but it's also reminiscent of my favourite song of all time. (Perhaps one day i'll sing la te da too)

Now those songs are great honestly, i love them both, i never get tired of either, and the way they've shaped me is probably quite important. However, the next song is torture, and it never goes away.

Forget About Love by Gilbert fucking Gottfried

i've only seen Return of Jafar once, my grandparents bought it for all my cousins and me to watch at their house, i don't even really remember how Jafar comes back, or what he does, but this song, has been in my head since 1994. Honestly, i'll just be going about some mundane task when "Forget about his charms, forget about the way he held you in his arms" Or i'll just want to burst out with "It matters so much!"
At least in my head it's not in Gilbert's lovely voice. i don't know though, actually listening to the whole song for the first time in a few years (i do look it up every now and then) it does have terrible singing, and it's so damn cheesy, but it does have elements in there of something from a traditional musical, elements i do enjoy, so perhaps it's because of this song i can appreciate things like this or this. It's still pretty god awful though.

For better or worse these songs seem integral parts of my thinking process.

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