Friday, January 16, 2009

the dark knight revisited

so now the hype has died.
it's been nearly six months since the dark knight hit the silver screen.
and the general feeling of this movie: meh.

it's just frustrating i suppose, i enjoyed it greatly at first, ledger's joker and other things helping me gloss over the bad. but now with time to reflect and copy on dvd and the problems become more apparent.
it's just a poor representation of batman.

they make bruce wayne a whiny jealous brat. "hah, i stole the whole ballet cast so the girl i like couldn't go out on a date!"
of course this was one of the problems with batman begins as well, something i was hoping they would fix, but no instead we get "she was going to wait for me alfred!"
it didn't humanize bruce, just made him a chump.
i really don't care to see bruce wayne hopping in fountains with models or crying about his childhood sweetheart.
look to the batman cartoon for a good portrayal of bruce wayne. he's kind hearted and bumbling.
not really awkward, but likes to play clueless, he does charity and swanky parties. he's the cat's pajamas. if you know what i mean.
the movie did get one moment right, where he pulls out in front of the truck so the would be whistle blower doesn't get killed, and tells gordon he was just trying to beat the light. well it was a nice try anyway.

and then there's the portrayal of batman.
bales voice, just bad. as pointed out in my initial review batman is not a grizzly bear!
and then the rubber, suit, why always a rubber suit?
there was a clever comic involving iron man giving batman a cease and desist for copying his schtick as an armoured hero.
okay fine so you don't want your dark and gritty and serious super hero running around in his long johns, fine! but at least give him a suit that keeps him agile and lets him turn his fucking head.
they tried so hard to create this realistic world, and i totally buy into the joker and two-face and the gangs, everything. except for the goddamn batman.
i mean that suit and his voice, no wonder the joker laughs at him.
everyone in gotham should be laughing at him.

they also made the mistake that every single super hero movie has made.
they killed off two-face.
i mean amazingly they kept the joker alive, but with heath ledger gone i don't see the character coming back.
and there was no need to kill harvey, keeping him alive would have damaged batman more, then he wouldn't have been able to cover up with dent had done.

and that's the other thing i can't get over. batman would never take the wrap for murder.
never. i think in good conscience batman would have let harvey's character take the fall, because harvey failed, he crossed the line batman never would, he became a villain and must be treated like one.
that's what this movie was all about, lines the characters would and would not cross.
gordon as willing to cross the line of the law for batman, he believed in batman.
harvey wasn't willing to cross the line, he wanted to take down crime legitimately , until he lost it all.
batman wasn't willing to cross the line of becoming a psycho, a killer, he wanted be better than the joker.
now see the joker, he knows batman would never kill anyone, and he knew dent would, so i'm sure he's laughing away in whatever cell they have him in.
he won, the batman was willing to give up everything he believed in for two face, a dead villain was more important to him than his own reputation as hope for the people.
i understand this was the way of dealing the wannabe batmen and having batman say a normal man should be their hero and not him, but it just doesn't work.
batman wants to be the defender of the people, not the enemy.
as darwyn cooke had him say in the new frontier "i set out to scare criminals, not children"

and since i don't like bale, if you're looking for a good batman other than kevin conroy, this fan video has made realize that clint eastwood would be the best batman ever.

this should be made, just keep miller a reasonable distance away from it.

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