Sunday, January 11, 2009

let the right one in

forget twilight (seriously it was bad)
this is the vampire romance to see.
beautiful movie, great story, and just some amazing scenes.
the hospital bed combustion and the pool scene being two of the most amazing scenes in any movie.
right up there with the hallway fight in old boy. (it's like fucking ballet)

honestly i don't want to to get in depth with this movie, because i like how it tried to stay ambiguous about everything.
so instead a brief synopsis; a smart and quiet twelve year old boy, having family problems and getting picked on by bullies, starts falling for the odd girl that only comes out at night. mostly...
good ol' joe dunn summed this up nicely.
so yes, the blood sucking girl gives the boy the confidence he needs to stick up to the bullies.
murder, blood, and fun ensue.

a bit of a spoiler about the end ahead:
the movie was fairly ambiguous about everything, hinting at it, showing it subtly, never coming out and saying quite a few things. and that's why the end felt out of place to me.
i think it should have ended after the return to the snow at the end of the pool scene.
and while it was cute they were tapping "kiss" to eachother in the train scene, i feel it was tacked on as a not so ambiguous "yes they did run away together, now go home" message to the folks that may not have gotten it.

then again i'm someone that liked the ending of "no country for old men" and felt that "children of men" should have cut to black before the boat showed up.

oh well, ending oddness aside, i still loved this movie and highly recommend it.

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