Sunday, January 4, 2009

the umbrella academy

ah, where to start with gerard way.

he's a kitty

way back in the mists of time (late '02 early '03) i went out to see the awesome band piebald.
in this small bar, played the small opening act few people had heard of, this small band a small amount of people had heard was my chemical romance.
i had the small pleasure of standing right in front of the small stage in this small bar, as the small band played, this translates to mr. way shaking his small junk covered by his small girl pants in my face. not to mention the not so small amount of spittle he managed to cover everyone in the surrounding area in.
i'm sure any teenage girl reading this has by this point fainted... or worse.
the performance was fairly unremarkable except for their last song, a rather amusing ode to vampires.
which contains one of the most badass vampire lines ever (we'll shoot back holy water like cheap whiskey)
fast forward to years later, my chemcial romance has started dressing stranger and somehow become popular with the kids, then i find out mr. way is writing a comic book.
wtf mate?

after some research it turns out gerard way was interested in writing comics and cartoons and such from the get go, and it was because of the events on september 11th 2001 that made him decide he was wasting his life and started a band.
well i guess you do get more teenage girls that way.
so i decided to write off the umbrella acamedy because forget him if he felt he was wasting his life doing it before the band stardom.
however, i was recently shown this...

i'm sure you can guess where it goes from there, not only that but he manages to fit in what i can only assume is a reggie and full effect reference.

you win this round gerard.

bonus reggie fun:

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