Monday, January 19, 2009

death of batman

in my last entry, i talked about my dislike for the end of "the dark knight"
batman gives up everything that makes him batman.
grant morrison recently did something similar.
so let's some things straight, batman, having been captured by the new gods, is hooked up to "the blob" a creature that's in his memories pretending to be alfred, getting him to relive his life to train an army of clones. batman, being, well the goddamn batman sees through this ruse, and fights back, first with a false memory, then by overloading the clones with all the torment he's suffered throughout his life. so ridiculous, so awesome. this of course happens right after batman overcomes the attack on his life by a bunch of bored rich bastards that have been manipulating his life for years. leaving him both physically and mentally exhausted.
using his mind as a weapon batman manages to get the blob to act in the physical world and wreak some havoc and free himself.
then we don't see him again until this...

you see, the moment he welds that gun with the intent to kill darksied, batman ceases to be batman. he's giving up everything that's ever made him batman.
this is evident by the fact that batman doesn't even attempt to dodge the omega sanction.
he destroyed himself before darksied could.
and in my opinion it works, batman is created by a gun, and then destroyed by one.

and that is why the ending of the dark knight annoys me so, it's batman giving up everything that makes him batman, and then trying to keep on going.

so yes kids, batman is dead.
for now anyway, these are comics we're talking about.
great death for him though, i mean for all the ways there are to go out, taking a god down with you has to be up at the top.
it's the cowboy dan way.

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Andrew Rogers said...

Great post. I couldn't agree more.