Wednesday, March 31, 2010


so mgmt's new album has seems to have leaked, in retaliation they're offering it streaming on their website:

it's a really enjoyable listen, the second track song for dan treacy is obviously a tribute to television personalities, however at first listen, i guessed the cardiacs.

and oddly enough, some of the tracks, especially the opening, make the iamamiwhoami connection somewhat believable. and in an interesting overlap there is this:

jonna lee, swedish musican, and everyone's favourite pick for iamamiwhoami.
and while i won't deny our mandrake looks incredibly like miss lee, i wouldn't say anything has been confirmed.
her management has denied it being her, she's been silent on the issue, even after performing at SXSW not long after b went live.
also, and most importantly, the music doesn't really fit. jonna lee isn't a bad musican, a few of her songs are quite catchy, however her music is no iamamiwhoami, even noting the tonal shift with b.
iamamiwhoami seems to be lacking her accent as well.
it could well be her, this could be a new sideproject, i can't say, iamnotsurewhoyouare.
like always though, i'll just say, let's wait for the next video to tell us more.

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