Wednesday, March 10, 2010

law abiding citizen

i've wanted to see this movie since i first saw the trailer before district 9, it looked badass, in a punisher meets batman kind of way. i held off on seeing it because, well, i was afraid hollywood would fuck it up.
well guess what?

i fucking loved this movie, up until the last ten minutes. i can't even begin to describe how horrible and insulting the ending is. dark night x 10.
the only thing i can think of is either, a. they couldn't think of a way to end up or b. some higher up deemed it "too dark"

in the trailer they reveal he's a "brain" which amounted to a black ops think tank, however in the movie you don't find out until after the lawyer gets killed while gerard is in prison. so yes, this movie is about a cold and calculating killer that wants to take down the whole justice system that let the man that murdered his family free.
it's interesting because they make gerard so cold and inhumane, yet we still cheer him on, i did anyway, the way his murders played out were top notch, the cell phone bomb being my favourite.

brutal and satisfying!

so what pisses me off about the ending is this:
this guy that's been built up as an inhumanly smart and calculated killer, is outsmarted by a DA and a street cop.

that's the gist of it, the small things that bother me:
that he would leave the bomb out in the open
that he wouldn't have security on his warehouse/tunnel/cell.
that the DA and cop somehow beat him back to the prison despite his headstart.
where was the bombsquad guy when they went through the front door?
fuck you movie!

how should it have ended you ask?
well gerard needed to die, it wouldn't have been satisfying had he lived, he's not human. but jamie foxx needed to have lost everything, as it stands he lost nothing, in fact, he gained a better job and a appreciation of his family that he once took for granted.
so let's say we leave the movie the same up until they find the bomb.
turns out the bomb is the ruse.
he really went after foxx's family (because he wouldn't know they were in hiding?)
foxx and that guy from star trek rush off and arrive to find gerard over their dead bodies.
he eliminates the trekkie and gloats to foxx, making foxx kill him, making foxx get some justice, do what's right.
that's satisfying because foxx lost everything, he now knows how gerard felt.
bit too much like seven i suppose, but at least it's on the right track, i mean, can you tell me the end of that movie wasn't satisfying.

if it weren't for the ending, this movie would have gotten a five...

two and a half out of five

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