Wednesday, March 10, 2010

plinkett reviews

so on the youtube i came across an epic seventy minute review of the phantom menace.
it's a bit off putting at first, due to the character plinkett, he's an impossibly old, prostitute killin', family man (well other than his wife, he killed her too)
but once you start watching the review, you realize the guy behind the character is actually really smart, and knows a lot about film.
and the character of plinkett does pay off for some good laughs.
also worth watching, his review of avatar:

glad i'm not alone on this 3D shit.
i think his most brilliant observation is how avatar isn't james cameron ripping off dances with wolves, it's really just james cameron combining aliens with titanic.

but yeah, be sure to check out his webzone, he also has a bunch of star trek movie reviews up, i haven't seen most of the star trek movies though, so i have no drive to watch them. i always always been a star wars nerd, what can i say.

can't wait.

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