Saturday, March 6, 2010

the wolfman

despite the bad press surrounding this movie, it's actually decent.
it pays great homage to old monster movies, the actors are great, the cinematography was interesting and quite nice to look at, made it all seem very dream-like, and most importantly it was really entertaining.

i have a few minor issues with this movie though, one is the CGI, which was just wonky at times.
then the silver cane, in the original movie, this cane was used to kill the wolf man, so here it is in this movie, and it's not really used, one wolf is killed by beheading and the other with silver bullets, although not before infecting another.
why show off the cane if you're not going to bludgeon one of the wolves with it?
it's like one thing that really annoyed me about the hitchhiker's guide the galaxy movie, they set up the "Beware of the Leopard" joke, but then didn't follow through, what the fuck was the point of setting it up?

then there's the end, which i sort of mentioned, weaving gets infected, which you know, lame. and even worse is how del toro dies, just so cliche, doesn't even go well with cheesy monster movie, it's more like a romance novel death.

the one thing i really loved about this movie though, is that it never gives up on the cheap scares, loud jumpy things one after another, it gets to the point where it ridiculous, and i loved it everytime.
and hey a score by danny elfman, all in all, not a bad movie.

four out of five

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