Monday, March 15, 2010

sup /b/?

here it is the sixth video, b.
and while not a complete reveal , it is nearly five minutes long, the music running about three minutes. it still seems a bit too cacophonous, too distorted to be a full song, but it is something.

in the video, our suddenly blue-eyed blonde is covered in plastic, as to whether this is encasing her and harking back to her polluted birth, or if it's a skin she's simply shedding, i cannot say.
the factory seems to now be a house, focusing on a crib with a cat. there are a number of entranced and disfigured men. they look like they're right out of the 1970's.
it's hard to tell who's controlling who.

listening to the song without the visuals also proves to be interesting.
the plastic skin and endless cat remind me of the hiss and ending skip of a record.
or perhaps that's just me.

what's driving me crazy though, is that the few times her voice isn't distorted, it sounds really familiar. perhaps just wishful thinking.
either way it is haunting and beautiful.

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