Wednesday, March 10, 2010

oscars shmoscars

like many people i was tweeting about the oscars while they were happening live, and it was oddly entertaining, i even started following roger ebert, and was fairly amused when we both shared the same ideas (although i'm sure everyone made a "dude abides" joke)

so i'm not here to bore you about how badly presented or directed the oscars were, i mean it would only be something to talk about if the oscars were something amazing.
just a few things i feel the need to vent about

christoph waltz winning best supporting actor:
i'm so glad this was the first award, i would have turned it off had he lost, inglourious basterds was one of my favourite films of last year, and he fucking made it work.

hans zimmer not winning best score:
oh come on, did up really need to win this? excluding elfman scores and musicals this is the first film score i've felt compelled to pick up since fight club. zimmer was robbed.

avatar winning best cinematography:
are you fucking kidding me? a largely CGI and blue screen movie winning best cinematography, what a fucking joke, i'm willing to let avatar have best visual effects, personally i liked the special effects of district 9 more, however i didn't except it to win, and see why avatar did. but cinematrography is bullshit, art direction is pretty bad too, not as bad as cinematography though.

a serious man not winning anything
oh come on! best movie of last year. at least it won best cinematography at the spirit awards, which were amusing due to everyone's drunken and heartfelt speeches.

sandra bullock winning best actress
sort of lame, considering she up against some real actors.

kathryn bigelow winning best director.
while i haven't seen the hurt locker yet, i do think it's awesome that she's the first woman to even win best director.
even though it is a bit ridiculous it took this long to happen.

lastly: logorama
go watch it, right now.

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