Friday, December 25, 2009

10. ...

i'm a cheating bastard, i couldn't decide so there are two albums tied for spot number ten.
Ágætis byrjun



Before the Dawn Heals Us


admittedly an alright beginning, (or a good beginning as it would actually seem) is a bit of a cheat, it originally came out in 1999, however it wasn't released in america until 2001, so i chose it.

sigur rós and m83 are both amazing bands, i own nearly the entire library of both, so it was quite difficult choosing the best, would i choose the newest album, fresh in my mind, with all the nuances of their evolution, would i chose their early work, more primative, more raw, just showing all that potential, or perhaps the halfway point. in the end i went with the albums that introduced me to both of the bands.

back in 2001 i heard of victory rose, as they were the band opening up for radiohead at that time. i seem to remember some videoclips on mtv|2 and i was impressed, i decided to look them up online and discovered the chillingly beautiful starálfur, the album was soon mine.

m83 i came to find in the car of an old friend. we were driving around boise after a party, looking for coffee, or just a place to hang, and told me i had to check this french band out, they had this song that was nothing but build up and then just collapsed, after listening i inferred the song was about sex and fell in love, i went out and bought the album the next day.

as i alluded to earlier, picking which two albums by these bands was hard, as you could pick any of them up and be satisfied, and since i posted the two songs that introduced me to these, i shall post my favourite videos, regardless of the albums they are from, enjoy.

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