Friday, December 4, 2009

12. the milk-eyed mender


while i was certain a joanna newsom album needed to be on this album, i wasn't sure which one to pick, this was the introduction, and it's a fairly balanced album, while ys is a bit unbalanced however, the first time i heard emily and cosmia they made me cry.
yes, that's right, i caught ms. newsom in concert three years ago, it was my first time hearing the new songs, and they were powerful enough to bring tears to my eyes, i still get a bit teary eyed listening to them now if i allow myself to get caught in the moment.
so powerful emotions aside, i had to go with milk-eyed mender, ys is an amazing album, but it's only five very long tracks, just over seven minutes being the shortest. however the middle is a bit of a lull when compared to the amazing opening and ending of this album. mender is genuinely solid, and as serves at the introduction.
i don't know if that's nostalgia or just familiarity, but it's important when dealing with such personal matters.
i think the first thing i ever heard about joanna newsom was that should be lisa's singing voice on some simpsons album. and unfortunately her voice does turn some people off, i love it, (i do however also like kate bush) it works well with her elvish appearance.

and how many people play the harp these days, i mean really.
oddly enough though, the song that first got me into her was on the clavichord.
still my favourite of hers.
she's just really unique, her lyrics are poetic, she has legs to tomorrow, apparently ^

bottom line her music is beautiful, and i'm glad it exists in the world. (does this make this the best of all possible words? possibly)

i was riding it's back, when it used to ride me

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