Sunday, December 6, 2009

a serious man

i have to say, this is the best coen brothers film since barton fink.
i mean, film as art, the big lewbowski will always be my favourite, and o brother, where art thou? is by far one of the most enjoyable movies i've seen in a theater, but this movie is just so well made and brilliant.

as for the story goes, it's just about a jewish guy and how everything in his life takes a turn for the worst.
i suppose it's a bit of a more modern telling of the book of job, and there are odd references to sixties/seventies films, and tons of jefferson airplane.

they totally wrote the end of this movie for everyone that hated the end of no country for old men.
and it's beautiful.
i mean it works with the story, however it's hard to believe that they didn't have that in mind.

awesome, awesome movie.

five out of five

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