Saturday, December 26, 2009

9. arm's way


back at album number twelve, i mused that perhaps i chose joanna's first album out of familiarity, you start start listening to a band from the beginning their first album will likely always be your favourite. this shows this isn't always true. i saw islands not long after their debut album, i was a fan of the unicorns, however this album stood slightly ahead of everything else.
it was a tough decision, return to the sea is a classic album and not to be missed, and everyone should love the unicorns. this album is just a great show of how they've evolved musically, and it's no less catchy, and no less fun than what came before.

this album was actually pretty slow to grow on me, i'm not entirely sure what my reservations were anymore, however after putting this album onto my ipod on my three thousand mile roadtrip this last summer, it greatly helped this album to grow on me, and often pointed out how beautiful and fun the songs are.

a few weeks ago i found out they already have a new album, from what i've heard of it, it seems pretty simple pop music, nothing wrong with that, perhaps they felt simple would be better after how lavish this album is. really i need to listen to the entire album before judging. i'm fairly certain this album will remain my pick however, pick it up, and their other two albums as well, they're a damn amazing band.
great live show as well.

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