Wednesday, December 30, 2009

6. the dust of retreat


this is the most recent addition to the list. and i don't mean by year it came out, because obviously that isn't true.
of all the albums on this list, this is the most recent i've acquired.

i'd actualy known about this album since it first came out. i got the track skeleton key off epitonic, or some such site, and i loved it.
it's interesting, powerful, emotional, i love the wide selection of instruments, the lyrics are among my favourite, and i can't but help love a song with an epic "wooh!"

just this year i saw how they had a new album out, and i realized other than skeleton key, i never had given this album a chance. again i can't remember why, perhaps for fear the album wouldn't be that great.
and then i heard this song:

this is one of the most powerful songs i've ever heard.
and any song with horns is good by me.

this is just a beautiful and relaxing album.
it easily took a high place on my list.

wake up, the sun is rising without you

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