Wednesday, December 2, 2009

roger dodger

this is pretty much the only movie i managed to watch this november (not counting bits and pieces of big trouble in little china, whenever it was on. which awesomely has been on a lot lately)
and after the mess of unbearable lightness, this was the right way to go.

the movie is about a guy that works in advertising, he knows the secret is making people realize the void in their life, and lying that the product will fill it. this is pretty much his system to hitting on women as well. and he's good at both, but things fall apart when his boss calls off their affair, and he ends up hurt and jealous, and frankly making a fool out of himself. while this is going on his sixteen year old nephew shows up and wants to know the ways of roger. so they go out to bars and parties, trying to get the kid laid. it's pretty entertaining, if not a bit sad. but mostly what got me interested to this movie was the opening scene. i was linked to it a few years ago in a discussion about the manhood and the y chromosome decaying. (interestingly enough i had also just started reading y the last man)
it's just an interesting question, what it means to be a man.

so yes, it's a bit coming of age story, the teenager getting over his angst with girls, and roger realizing perhaps he isn't living life right, not really being a man i suppose.
it was a great watch, had many hot women, and it stars the guy from singles, what's not to love?

four out of five

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