Friday, December 4, 2009

11. live at stubb's


amazing reggae by a jew? who knew. that novelty aside this album is notable in quite a few ways. first we have a live album that's better than the studio, because let's face it, the album version of king without a crown lacked all of the energy, the spirit it you will, and that leads to the second point, this music is very spiritual, it's fueled by faith and is very religious, but i never feel like it's preaching, it has a positive message regardless what you believe, and i like that.

i sadly haven't listened to anything by him since this album, after i heard the youth version of king without a crown i was turned off.
this album just hits so many right notes, it sounds amazing, there' so much energy, such great flow.
in light of this i'm currently on myspace listening to his latest album light, (i wrote the beginning of the sentence before looking at the name of the album, go figure) but live at stubb's will always be the standard i compare all of his other music to.
lastly while i've said other albums on here are among my most top played, this one is literally number seven on my profile, fifth if you don't count compilations.

from the forest itself comes the handle for the axe

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