Wednesday, December 30, 2009

8. juturna


this fucking band. this picks up were coheed and cambria left me. i mean granted it's more hard than it is technical, but it fucking rocks.

also much like coheed and cambria, when i first heard this band i wasn't sure if the vocalist was male or female, and it really had me in whirl.
this band just rocks, it's angsty, it's angry, it's high pitched, and fuck yeah.
the album is full of references to the eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (and all references within) house of leaves, and edward gorey.
those are some of my favourite things. (well actually i hated everything in house of leaves except for the essay about the documentary, but i really did love that.)

another band worth noting is the lead singer's side project, the sound of animals fighting.

they were close to being on this list, but their albums are just too odd and uneven.
great listen though.

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