Thursday, December 31, 2009

5. highly refined pirates


god i love this album, from the insane song titles, the starship trooper references, to the amazing music. it's by far one of the best albums out there.
the ep before this album is also great, but i haven't been a fan of anything they've done after this, it's just lacking.
and unfortunately, unlike the other bands on this list that i've seen live, minus the bear is by far one of the worst live acts i've encountered.

or perhaps the most disappointing, i've seen them twice, and both times they lacked energy and stage presence, it was like they'd rather be hanging out at the bar rather than playing, i don't know.
i'm completely dumbfounded when i hear people online talk about how awesome they are live.

that said, highly refined pirates isn't just one of my top favourite albums of the last decade, it's one of my top favourite albums period.
rarely do bands achieve this level of musical perfection in an album.

the city lights just blur, the city lights just

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