Friday, December 4, 2009

13. second stage turbine blade


now this album is classic, i'm not even going to try and describe my love.
way back in the '02, i remember taking a random online quiz, you know one of those generic "what band are you?" type things.
my answer was coheed and cambria. i didn't save the image, and the site is long gone but the description went something like "you're odd, and some people might hate you, but those that love you, love you deeply" and that's true, both about me and the band!
i got soulseek and downloaded a few songs: the devil in jersey city, everything evil, neverender, and time consumer
i was floored, i had never heard music like this before (or since really). i mean sure there are comparisons to rush (which i've used to convert people to this band) especially with the sci-fi storyline, but this ain't no 2112.
and imagine my excitement when later that summer i find out they're playing in town! opening for shai hulud even!
it's just funny, how big they are now, and i saw them opening for shai hulud.
i briefly got to meet claudio, and he was shy and very kind, and from what i hear from fans he's very much the same now, which is good to know.
bonus: and while i'm not certain, i am fairly sure, that very show they played the early version of the best song they've ever written, only back then it was called the upper armories of the third deep.

ah yes, and sci-fi story, so little we knew back then, and a lot claudio has changed!

such a nerdy laugh. but yes, the story has warped a lot since then, and as i've stated in older comic book reviews, all of the comics have been horrible. i've bought them all, i own all the comics they've put out except for the first issue of the original series (as much as that one goes for on ebay, i'd likely sell it anyway)
not just the story has changed, their music has changed a lot as well. as you can clearly hear. and while the new albums aren't horrible and still quite enjoyable, they do lack whatever it is that makes the first album so appealing. to be fair, they went through a large amount of change from the shabutie stuff to second stage as well. always changing, i look forward to the next album.

still one of my favourite bands, still one of my most played albums, coheed and cambria is a good band, and you should go check them out.

let's make this our last day at home by the fence

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