Saturday, December 26, 2009

biff's xmas loot

since i have a loving and attentive family, for xmas i got three of the best movies of 2009.
and honestly, three movies that will always be among my favourites.

inglourious basterds

aldo isn't fucking around at the end of this movie, this is by far tarantino's masterpiece. everything about this movie is well done, and i love the fact that it's a total mislead, you're lead to believe it's about these nazi killin' badasses, but really, it's all about a jewish girl that owns a cinema. the basterds are just there for fun and flavour.

district 9

just brilliant. this movie is all about racism and segregation, taking it's name from real occurrences. and while i haven't seen avatar yet, from what i've gathered this movie sounds like it's better, it doesn't look like a videogame or fantasy for one, it all seems real and depressing, the main human is actually quite unlikeable, he's selfish, a dweeb, and just annoying, and even though he grow as a character and eventually does the right thing, it still doesn't pay off for him. and lastly the aliens are just that, alien, they're giant bugs we really don't understand, they're hard to sympathize with, and honestly kind of scary. unlike the blue furries of avatar. i mean, i guess animal like humans is a good way to avoid the uncanny valley in cgi, but why make them human like anyway?
i'm sure i'll have a full review of avatar in the next few weeks. the more i hear the less i care though, the same assholes that are talking of how this movie will change film, and it's the best movie of the year, are the same assholes that loved star trek. it all sounds like a lot of wank by people easily amused by bright colours.
back on topic, watch the original short film that peter jackson took notice of.

let the right one in

i've already covered my love of this movie multiple times, it's just damn beautiful. although thoughts of the american remake keep me up nights. it's directed by the asshole that did cloverfield for fuck's sake. and yeah let me in, totally has the same feeling as let the right one in. idiots. thank buddha it seems the american remake of oldboy has been canned.

the only movie missing from this list (as i already own coraline) would have to be a serious man.
but alas, it is not out on dvd yet.
so there you have it, my favourite movies of 2009.
four of them having unknowns as leads. three being heavily or entirely subtitled, and one being a childrens film deemed to scary for children by boring adults.
which actually reminds me that where the wild things are also deserves a mention on this list.
this a great year for movies. and there are still a few i have yet to see.

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